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About Akhnoor

Akhnoor is a beautiful city located just 28kms away from Jammu on the banks of river Chenab. This city is an important archeological site in the state of Jammu & Kashmir. This picturesque town is located at the foothills of Himalayas. The alluring green trees and neat environment along with the Old houses and army cantonments make the city look even more beautiful.

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Jammu (Wazarat Road Jammu) – 180001
Phone: +91-191-2544366,
Fax: +91-191-2546223,
E-Mail: dcofficejammu@gmail[dot]com

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About Akhnoor

History of Akhnoor

Akhnoor is considered to be Virat Nagar, the ancient city mentioned in the Mahabarata Akhnoor makes as one of the most important historical sites of Jammu and Kashmir. Archaeological Survey of India have carried out many excavations and has established the fact that Akhnoor was one of the last stronghold region of the Harappan Civilization and Manda, It is believed that Akhnoor is the northern most site of the Harrappan Civilisation.

Geography of Akhnoor

Akhnoor is located at a latitude of 32.87°N  and longitude of 74.73°E with an average elevation of 301 metres. The Akhnoor Tehsil has been parted into two Revenue Blocks, one is Akhnoor & other one is  Khour. The mighty Chenab river flows through this city. Akhnoor is surrounded by Trikuta range, Kali Dhar and the Shiwaliks on the Northern and Eastern side. This city lies on Jammu-Poonch National Highway at a distance of about 28 km from Jammu.

The weather of Aknoor during summers is extremely hot with temperatures ranging from 30-45 degrees Celsius and weather being hot and humid. Akhnoor witnesses Summers from March to June while Winters are from November to February with January being the coldest month during winter. The temperature ranges from 13 - 25 degree Celsius. Akhnoor receives heavy rainfall during the Monsoon starting from mid June and ends in October.It is best to visit this place anytime between October to December.

Tourism in Akhnoor

Akhnoor being an important Archaeological site, it attracts many tourist every year. The tourist spots in Akhnoor are discussed below

River Chenab in Akhnoor

The waters of the majestic Chenab is sourced from the snow melt from the Bara Lacha Pass which is located in the Himachal Pradesh. Akhnoor is the place where its mountainous journey ends its onward journey into the plains begin before making its way into Pakistan.

River Chenab

There is a new concrete, 2 way bridge built on the Chenab river in Akhnoor which is the first longest caterpillar bridge in India running about 180 meters in length. The panoramic views from th bridge is breath taking.The banks of the river is filled  with crowd in the evenings especially during the summer season to get some comfort from the heat . You can also enjoy walking on a  walkway which has been constructed along the bank.

The Akhnoor Fort in Akhnoor

This fort stands tall on the bank of the Chenab river in Akhnoor. This fort is two-storeyed and is the most prominent structure of the town with its location atop a cliff with a stunning view of Chenab. The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has undertaken this fort since 1982 . This fort enjoys a national monument status which is to be protected and preserved according to Monument Act 1958.

Akhnoor fort

Raja Teg Singh started building this fort in 1762 and his work was completed by his successor Raja Alam Singh in 1802. Terracotta items of the Harappan Civilization were excavated from different parts of the fort and thus this fort has received a lot of attention from archaeologist. This fort also holds a lot of importance as it seems to be the northernmost site of the Indus valley civilization on the Indian subcontinent.

The Jia pota Ghat in Akhnoor

This ghat is located on the northern bank of Chenab river. Such is the location of this ghat that it  overlooks the magnificent Akhnoor Fort. Jia Pota Ghat is the place where the remarkable historical event of  Raj Tilak of most trusted & loyal Dogra General Gulab Singhji was done on 17 June 1822 by  Punjab's Maharaja Ranjit Singh. Gulab Singhji was made the Raja of Jammu. There is a mural displayed at the ghat here to showcase the event.

Ambara in Akhnoor


Ambaran is a Buddhist archaeological site located just below the newly built. Many ancient Buddhist ruins of Gupta dynasties and Kushan dynasties ahave been found. a gold casket containing the relics of the Buddha and many terracotta heads and were excavated here which are exhibited in various museums across the world. This is only eighth such place in the world where Buddha relics have been found in a stupa.

Religious Places in Akhnoor

The Durga temple and Pandav Ghufa: It is believed that the Aagayatvas of the Pandavas was spent here. There is a Pandav Gufa right on the banks of river  Chenab which is said to have been discovered by the Pandavas. The beautiful Durga temple is built around the Pandava gufa. There is also a Gurudwara on the banks of the river Chenab which is made magnificently in white marble. There is a Lord Parasuram temple in Akhnoor as well. Kameshwar temple which is located slightly away from the river is also said to be an ancient temple belonging to the Pandavas time.

The Amar Mahal Palace Museum in Akhnoor

It is a beautiful palace made of  red sandstone and located in the picturesque background of Akhnoor. This palace overlooks the river Tawi and Shivaliks in South and North respectively. This was once upon a Raja Amar Singh palace, however it has now been converted into a museum. The prominent feature of this palace is a golden throne which has been made of 120 kg of pure gold.

Akhnoor Park in Akhnoor

There is a beautiful park which stretches from Jiya Pota Ghat to Parashuram Temple. This park has lights which when lit up at night looks like a giant necklace around the Chenab river.

Food in Akhnoor

Akhnoor  people have Dogra cuisine and you can taste this cuisine at any Dhaba or restaurant in the city. Akhnoor has a restaurant called Milestone restaurant, the address and contact of which is given below.

Food n Akhnoor

Mile Stone Restaurant
Phone number: +(91)-9205029720
Address: Akhnoor Road,
Opp. Bsf Camp,
Jammu - 181201

Reaching Akhnoor

You can reach Akhnoor by road as the national and state highway links this town to other important cities in Jammu and other parts of India.The closest airport to Akhnoor is Jammu airport which is about 35kms away. You can then hire taxis or state run buses to reach Akhnoor. The closest railway station is Jammu tawi which is 32 km away.

Utilities and Services in Akhnoor

Akhnoor being a prominent city of Jammu, has many services which can be enjoyed by the locals as well as people travelling to Akhnoor.

Hospital in Akhnoor

Healthcare in Akhnoor is preety decent with the availibility of a good hospital and better services. Thhe hospitals in Akhnoor are listed below

Sub District Hospital
Phone number: +(91)-1924-252236, +(91)-9419133500
Address: Main Road,
Jammu - 181201

Swarna Nursing Home
Phone number: (1924) 254900
Address: 74-4, Akhnoor Main Road,
Near Jammu & Kashmir Bank
Jammu- 81201

Walia Dental Clinic
Phone number: (1924) 252395
Address: 36-5, Link Road,
Near Kapoor Jewellers
Jammu - 181201

St.Joseph's Health Centre
Address: Jourian-Akhnoor Road,

Chemist in Akhnoor

You can now avail the facility of buying medicines in Akhnoor at the following medical stores

Pawan Medicates
Address: Sayal Marh,

Mohini Medicos
Address: Opposite Veterinary Hospital,

Police Station in Akhnoor

Akhnoor has a police station, so in case you are in trouble you can always contact the police at the following address and contact

Akhnoor Police Station

Phone number: 01924-252225
Address: Akhnoor,
Jammu - 181 201

Post Office in Akhnoor

Akhnoor has a post office and you can avail the services at the following address

Post Office
Phone number: +(91)-1924-252226
Address: Akhnoor,
Jammu - 181201

Courier Service in Akhnoor

You can now easily transport your parcels from Akhnoow, thanks to the courier facility provided by Dtdc
Services in Akhnoor

Phone number: 0192 - 423959
Address: Main Fobbara Chowk,
Opp.Hari Singh High School,
Jammu 181201

Gas Connections in Akhnoor

You can now get a gas connection in Akhnoor provided by Cross swords gas agency the address and contact of which is given below.

Cross Swords Gas Agency
Phone number: 01924 52221
Address: C/o 10 Inf Div, C/O 56 Apo
Jammu 180001

Akhnoor, an important archaeological site is a very prominent city of Jammu and history lovers will fall in love with this place. The mighty Chenab and majestic Shiwalik awaits you.

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